Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dexter Mausoleum & more of the older landscape

It's like viewing a miniature European cathedral. The surrounding views are wonderful, though they had to give up the island site. I think this site on the bank of the lake is just as good a location.

The amount of money it took to build this, even though they didn't have the money, or maybe the time, to complete it, is just mind boggling. It really is a shame that they didn't have the forethought, or the money, to pay for perpetual care. But then, how many people with this kind of ego believe that the family will die out or they will run out of money?

This is part of the cemetery that I like the best. An old, established landscape with artistic elements to stroll through and photo ops at every turn. And the quiet can be very soothing and restful.

I think it's remarkable how seldom I've heard power equipment running when I've been in Spring Grove. To keep the property looking as nicely as is does, I know that they are mowing and cutting up trees and prunings.

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