Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tram Ride at Spring Grove

What a lovely (though bouncy) way to tie together all the information that we have been gathering and sharing. I liked being able to tie in my original sections from Walkabout 1 with the rest of the landscape. I was all over Spring Grove for Woody Plant Materials 1 class last fall, but that was strictly on foot (3 hours up hill and down dale every week) and there was very little time to look at anything but "woody plants". It was fun to see parts that I never new existed.

Seeing the different "sub-divisions" of the cemetery, with different "zoning rules" was fascinating - gives lots of choices for how one wishes to be interred. Different feel to each area. Some of it attractive to me, some of it not. I liked this "family grouping" idea with the central floral. Very different than the old Pioneer Cemetery that I visited in Lebanon (see previous blog).

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